TSYS Host Capture – VeriFone’s VX 520 Class A

The VX 520 is a new payment device that is powerful and offers services for existing technologies, including future technologies. It possesses advanced security features and accepts mobile wallets and future technologies such as NFC and EMV. Since the device is certified on the TSYS Host Capture it is able to process transaction data, batch creation, payment acceptance logic, and transaction data, all through TSYS host. Significant reductions in PCI scope is achieved through this device since through the above process no sensitive data is stored on the POS device. The VC 520 also has leading performance features. It possesses a powerful processor and memory that can be upgraded. This allows it to process transactions at very fast speeds. The device can also accept loyalty cards and gift cards. New features are offered with TSYS Host Capture including the ability to deactivate the terminal through the system and circumvent adjusts, reprints, prompts on voids, and prompt for batch numbers when reports are printed out. Certain processes can be done automatically such as report printing without the need for user’s input.