Hypercom T7P

callforprice T7P

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The Hypercom T7P integrated terminal and printer hosts an attractive list of features to guide your customer transactions.

The small footprint saves you precious counter space. The 35-key keyboard features single stroke activation for check, debit, void, refund, and many other functions. With a 512K memory and room for as many as 200 transactions per batch the T7P has the capabilities you need. The T7P has a dial transaction time under 10 seconds, and the high visibility 2 line x 20 character back-lit LCD display makes it perfect for restaurants and bars where lighting is often low.

hypercom T7P large T7P

Accept the Following Accessories
PinPads Hypercom S7C / S8
Printer (integrated Printer paper: 2-1/4″x 2-7/8″
impactor 2 – ply standard paper

Additional Information
Host communication speed: 1,200 bps
Track configuration 1 &2

AVS compatible
Built-in printer
Portable solution available
Supports ATM/Debit Cards


American Express and Discover Split-dial
Automatic close
Demo mode
Fraud Control
Password protection
Pre-dial and Pre-print
Tax calculation

Ideal Applications
Bypass tip mode/ enter tip after sale
Mail-order sales
Print details by card type,, server ID or both
Recall transactions by server and table
Restaurants (small or large)
Retail stores (small or large)

Not Suitable For
Car Rentals Agencies

Purchace Cards (level II)