Hypercom T7 Plus

The Hypercom T7 Plus accepts all magnetic stripe cards and is designed for merchants that are trying to save counter space. The SureLoad printer delivers extremely fast receipts and easy paper replacement. Paper rolls can be dropped in place without feeding them through rollers and slots. Receipts are printed silently, and logos can be added at the merchants request.

hypercom t7 plus T7 Plus
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Many merchants are now interested in pin-based debit transactions, do to the lower processing fees. The Hypercom T7 Plus supports external pinpads that can be added at any time. Improved connectivity, EMV compliant software, and smartcards are all supported. With this terminal, secondary supplies of power are no longer needed. Daily functions can be initiated with one step by using the 35 key keyboard. Certification and training issues are reduced due to compatibility with previous T7 software. The T7 Plus performs powerfully with its compact, attractive design. Thanks to its communications and advanced remote software management, it offers a cost efficient ownership.
Features: – No Paper Jams – Fast Printing – Longer Paper Rolls