Robust Reporting

Stay on top of your business with great reporting features.

list box sales Robust ReportingSales Reporting

  • Summary of Finances
  • Summary of Daily Sales
  • Sales by the Hour
  • Items Sold
  • Plus more!

list auditing reports Robust ReportingAudit Reporting

  • Type of Tender
  • Draw Counts
  • Discounts, Comps, and Void Reports
  • Detailed Ticket Review
  • Plus more!

list labor reports Robust ReportingEmployee Reporting

  • Employment
  • Directory
  • Labor Reports
  • Payroll
  • Plus more!

list menu product Robust ReportingMenu and Product Reporting

  • Product Mix Basics
  • Part-Day Product Mix
  • Menu Breakdowns in Detail
  • Products Sold by Employee
  • Plus more!

list customers reports Robust ReportingCustomer Reporting

  • Review Payments
  • Sales Overview
  • Summary of Orders
  • Details of Customer
  • Plus more!