Verifone Printer P900

verifone p900 Printer P900
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If you are looking for speed and reliability, the Printer 900 is the printer for you! This premium roll printer earns the highest marks, meeting the top level of print performance. The Printer 900 prints 3.7 lines per second, and has an additional motor for paper advance. For increased efficiency and speed, it’s print head prints in both directions. The print head has a life of one hundred million characters, a breakthrough in receipt printing. The printers three line buffer makes it possible for printing to continue as the terminal is processing.


Loading paper becomes trouble free with the automatic paper feed feature, and the ribbon has a life of two million characters, minimizing the need of ink replacement. The status of the paper supply is indicated by “paper low” and “paper out” lights.

The Printer 900 provides years of A+ printing performance.