Hypercom Optimum T4220

The Optimum T4220 is the most able dual and IP terminal in today’s market. The needs of any business and consumer can be met with this powerful IP device. This terminal is second to none when it comes to security and IP performance. Fast IP transaction and download speeds, HyperSafe 32 architecture, and a PCI PED internal pinpad for pin entry all come standard with this terminal. The same user interface is used with both the Optimum T4220 and the T4200 for additional support.

hypercom t4220 Optimum T4220
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Exclusively Hypercom IP terminals have an application for IP diagnostics. This application checks for failure at the cable, in-store gateway, the ISP, and finally the processing host. It also explains what the error is. Easily fix a problem, rather than buying a new terminal.

Approved by the Following-
EMV Level 1+2
Interfact Certified
Mastercard p+sp approved
PCI PED Approved
RoHS + China RoHS compliant


Supported Programs-
Dynamic Currency Conversion
Check Verification
Gift and Loyalty
IP Customers
Retail and Restaurant
Small ticket sizes