VeriFone Omni 3750

callforprice Omni 3750

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The VeriFone Omni 3750 terminal with an integrated smart card reader packs all the performance and processing capabilities you need into a compact, ergonomic “hand-over” device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry. Convenient, all-in-one design combines a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal PINpad, and quiet, fast thermal printer. Value-added applications like pre-paid phone cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and age verification can help improve customer service. In addition, a user-friendly ATM-style interface and large backlit display simplify clerk training and minimize costly errors. All of which makes the Omni 3750 a very smart choice—today and tomorrow.
verifone omni 3750 large Omni 3750

• Department Stores
• Supermarkets
• Discount Outlets
• Cinema & Theater
• Restaurants

• AVS compatible
• Compact
• Easy to Use
• Printer and Terminal bundled in one purchase
• Supports ATM/Debit Cards/PinPads/Barcodes

• American Express and Discover Split-dial
• ATM-style interface
• Check verification
• Demo mode
• Fraud Control
• Protective paper path prevents jams
• Thermal printer
• Two telephone ports

Ideal Applications
• Mail-order sales Prints invoice/ order #
• Restaurants (small or large)
• Retail Stores (small or large)

Accept the Following Accessories
• PinPads Verifone 101, 201, 1000, 2000
• Printer (included) Additional Information
• Host communication speed: 1,200 bps
• Track configuration: 1, 2 &3

Not Suitable For
• Hotels

• Purchase Cards (level II)

Transactions Allowed
• 300