Verifone Omni 3750 and CR 1000I Combo

verifone omni 3750 large Omni 3750 CR 1000I Combo

verifone cr1000i Omni 3750 CR 1000I Combo
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The Omni 3750 has a convenient, compact design that makes it easy for workers to pass it to the consumer for pin entry. All the performance and processing capabilities that you need can be found in this terminal combination. Combined with the CR1000i, the Omni 3750 truly becomes an all-in-one unit, allowing businesses to accept credit, debit, and check transactions.

Mag stripe and smart card readers, and internal pinpad, fast and quiet thermal printing, and speedy check transactions are only some of the many features offered by the Omni 3750 and CR1000i combination. Prepaid phone card, gift card, and loyalty programs are also supported. Costly errors are minimized by the large display of the ATM-style interface.

Today and tomorrow, the Omni 3750 is a smart choice for your processing needs.


-AVS Compatibility.
-Easy to use.
-Fraud Control.
-No paper jams.
-Two phone ports.
-AMEX/Discover Split Dial
-Smallest combination footprint in today’s market.
-Increased profit.

Ideal For:
-Mail Order Sales.
-Retail Stores.
-Cinemas and Theatres.
-Discount Outlets.