VeriFone Omni 3740

callforprice Omni 3740

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The VeriFone Omni 3740 terminal packs performance,convenience, and an exceptional range of payment capabilities into an affordable, ergonomic “hand-over” device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry. Compact, all-in-one design combines a mag-stripe reader, internal PINpad, and quiet, fast thermal printer.

This makes the terminal easy to install and keeps your countertop clutter-free. And because it runs VeriFone’s Verix multi-application architecture, you can support more than just electronic payment transactions. Value-added applications like pre-paid phone cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and age verification can help improve customer service. In addition, a user friendly ATM-style interface and large backlit display simplify clerk training and minimize costly errors.
verifone omni 3740 Omni 3740

Omni 3700 Terminal Family
VeriFone’s Omni 3700 family of terminals puts unprecedented power, performance, and flexibility into the palm of your hand. They offer a user-friendly, ATM style interface, large display, printing capabilities and an integrated PINpad in a compact, “hand-over” design.

Then, by adding modularity to the base models,
this family of terminals easily adjusts to
merchants’ changing requirements.

• Factory-installed memory configurations – 1.5, 3 and 4Mbytes – handle the most complex transactions and value-added

• Optional upgradeable Security Access Modules (SAMs) – 2 or 4 – safeguard sensitive financial data and support multiple smart card schemes.
• Communications modules – 2400bps modem, 14.4 kbps modem, ISDN, or Ethernet – offer easy access to any IP-based

Extraordinary Ease of Use

• Plug-and-play terminal is simple to install and even simpler to use.
• Bold, stylish profile conserves counter space and is ergonomically designed so that the terminal can easily be handed to customers for PIN entry or other input.

• Intuitive ATM-style interface, large backlit display, large keys, and easy-to-read menu prompts reduce clerk training and minimize user errors.
• Integrated, high-speed thermal printer with “clam shell” design features drop-in paper loading, to virtually eliminate jams. A flashing LED alerts clerks to low-paper levels.