VeriFone Omni 3200 SE

callforprice Omni 3200 SE

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The Omni 3200SE makes the bestselling payment terminal in VeriFone’s history better.

The terminal’s fresh new look and customizable faceplates add branding power to the point of sale. The models also have a 30% smaller footprint than the original 3200/3210. An integrated printer with “clam shell” design provides drop-in paper loading, to prevent jams and reduce calls to your help desk. Equally important, the enhanced processing performance, support for compressed application downloads, and 1MB memory trim transaction times and dramatically cut phone-connect time and expenses.

Accept the Following Accessories
PinPads Verifone 101, 201, 1000, 2000
Printer (included)verifone omni 3200se Omni 3200 SE

Additional Information
Host communication speed: 1,200 bps
Track configuration: 1, 2 &3

AVS compatible
Easy to Use
Printer and Terminal bundled in one purchase
Supports ATM/Debit Cards/PinPads/Barcodes

American Express and Discover Split-dial
ATM-style interface
Check verification
Demo mode
Fraud Control
Protective paper path prevents jams
Thermal printer
Two telephone ports

Ideal Applications
Mail-order sales Prints invoice/ order #
Restaurants (small or large)
Retail Stores (small or large)

Purchase Cards (level II)

Transactions Allowed