Nurit 8400

The Nurit 8400 is a powerfully built countertop terminal with unmatched flexibility. There are many options that make the Nurit 8400 a conformable device that protects the business owners investment as needs vary.

nurit 8400 Nurit 8400
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The Nurit 8400 is the terminal of choice when it comes to small and medium sized businesses. As an enhancement to security, the Nurit 8400 is PCI PED approved. This terminal is truly multifunctional, supporting credit, EMV, debit, gift card, prepaid, and loyalty programs.

A multitude of communication options are available for this terminal; LAN via Ethernet or RS-485, 14.4kbps or 56kbps dial, and GPRS wireless connection. In addition, extra RS-232 ports and USB host/client are available for unmarked connectivity. There is more flexibility with this terminal. 3MB, 6MB, and 12MB of memory are available do to the increasing memory needs of money saving applications. SD/MMC and SAM sockets for enhanced memory and security, and an internal batter for back up are also available. Even after deployment, thee features can be added and/or upgraded.

Ideal for:
-Department Stores.
-Discount Stores.
-Prepaid Service Vendors.