Nurit 8000

The Nurit 8000 is a speedy and secure wireless terminal that is lightweight and flexible.

lipman nurit 8000 Nurit 8000
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The practical multi application platform holds a wide range of payment and money saving services, including debit, credit, T&E, EBT, prepaid, smartcards, gift, loyalty, and proprietary cards. This multi-function terminal also assists in business management by providing solutions such as inventory control, delivery, dispatch, etc. A variety of cellular networks are also supported by the terminal, including Mobitex, Datatac, GSM/GPRS, CDPD, and CDMA. Included in the terminal is a touch screen, built in pinpad, and EVM smartcard reader, and a user-friendly thermal printer.

In tough economic times, business owners are going where the business is. The mobility of this terminal makes taking payments quick and easy- and advantage to both business owners and consumers. With a payanywhere solution, technology helps to keep your business on track. Leave the store and that phone line behind! Allow consumers to pay at their table, instead of handing over a credit card. Allow fans to purchase souvenirs at their seats! Give taxi and limo riders a safer way to pay.

Ideal For:
-Restaurant/Food Services.
-Audio/Video Installers.
-Limos and Taxis.
-Fairs and Markets.
-Outdoor Entertainment.
-Stadium and Arena Sales.
-Contractors and Consultants.
-Mobile Vendors.
-Traveling Salesmen.
-Golf and Tennis Venues.
-Gas Stations.