Apple Pay: Pay at the Table

  • Apple Pay features e1420305161309 FeaturesWe have developed an application for Apple® iPhone® that allows your clients to pay their tab right from their mobile phone using Apple Pay. The app also offers a loyalty program for your customers. Learn more →

Order on the iPad with Harbortouch Tableside

  • Tableside features FeaturesCustomer orders can be taken immediately at the customers table with a customer iPad application. Orders go directly to the kitchen, decreasing wait time and allowing the server to be more efficient. Learn more →

Mobile Payments with TabbedOut

  • Tabbed Out features FeaturesMobile payments are convenient and secure with the TabbedOut application. Make it easy for your customers while making running your business more efficient. This application is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. Customers can open, review, and pay their bill with this simple application. Learn more →

Reservations Online

  • Online Reservation Module features FeaturesOnline reservations are made and tracked through your POS system with simple programming. Learn more →

Ordering Online

  • online ordering FeaturesCustomize a menu available on your website to allow patrons to order their food online. This is a seamless experience for both you and your customers and it synced directly with the POS system. Learn more →

Ticketing and Order Entry

  • Order Entry Ticketing features FeaturesSystem has the ability to split checks, do price changes, repeat previous orders, transfer tickets or tables, and manage tips and taxes. This is an accurate, convenient way to get things done in the workplace.

Menu Setup

  • Menu Setup features FeaturesMenu items can be fully customized in real-time, making choices consistently up to date. You can add a limitless amount of items, categories, and other modifiers to fit your business needs.

Table Tracking

  • Table Tracking features FeaturesView occupied and free tables. See how many people are seated at each table. Easy to manage!

Employee Management

  • Employee Management features FeaturesTrack employee timekeeping, edit timesheets, review overtime, manage security levels, and access personal employee information. This is a complete employee database.

Customer Database

  • Customer Database features FeaturesA great option for loyalty programs, this section allows you to view contact information and order histories for customers. Look for trends in sales and your most valued customers.

Internal Messaging

  • Internal Messaging features FeaturesYou can add messages to your log-in screen to connect directly with your employees on a daily basis. This is a great way to promote specials.

Fresh Sheet

  • Fresh Sheet features FeaturesKeep track of your inventory. Look at the countdown of items that are currently available in the establishment as they are ordered. When something is running low, you can even set up alerts!

Bar Tabs

  • Bar Tabs features FeaturesThis feature allows your customers to open a tab, which results in increased revenue for your business. Spending made easier.

Flexible Pricing

  • Flexible Pricing features FeaturesThere are many different options available from making a happy hour menu, to applying coupons and automatic discounts. This only takes seconds, and saves a lot of time in the long run.