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MSI Merchant Services

Just like 100,000+ other businesses in the United States, MSI Merchant Services
can guide you and provide exceptional service with any type of electronic payment.

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Why use MSI Merchant Services?

Increase your sales if you currently do not accept credit cards, or lower your
costs by switching to us if you currently accept credit cards. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Wireless Credit Card Machines

Wireless Credit Card Machines Models

Comstar Wireless pagerWith Comstar's CHARGE ANYwhere Solution you can easily and cost-effectively process secure, credit card transactions virtually anywhere in a matter of seconds, one of the best wireless credit card machines.Call for Price!


Lipman Nurit 8000 WirelessThe Lipman Nurit 8000 is a mobile wireless credit card machine. This hand held credit card terminal enables fast, secure, error-freecredit card processing transactions and the multi-application platform supports a range of payment and value-added services. It supports a variety of cellular networks, including GSM/GPRS, CDPD, DataTac, and CDMA. The wireless credit card machine includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, and built-in PIN Pad.

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