Choosing an Account

MSI Merchant Service is a leader in the credit card processing industry, and provides many different options for merchants that are looking to accept credit cards as a form of payment. With their free terminal program, MSI Merchant Service makes it easy for even the smallest businesses to begin taking credit cards quickly and easily. MSI Merchant Service has different types of terminals for businesses of all expertise. Wireless terminals, virtual terminals, landline terminals, iPhone terminals, and internet shopping carts are offered by MSI Merchant Service, in an effort to serve all businesses properly. Representatives are there to assist you in making the right choice when it comes to your processing needs. They will guide you through the process to determine what type of account and terminal is best for you.  The goal is to have minimal costs, while maximizing growth and profit for the businesses that choose to accept credit cards.

In most situations, a normal landline terminal is used to process cards at retail locations. These terminals typically have a screen, keypad, and printer for automatic approval and receipt printing.

For businesses on the go, we have a “MoTo” account for keying in transactions at a later date, along with iPhone, wireless, and virtual terminal options. With a standard MoTo account, the representative would take an impression of the customer’s card and key it in a later date. This does not offer instant approval. A virtual terminal MoTo account would allow you to key transactions in at the time of sale through a laptop or any other secure internet connection. MoTo accounts have higher rates than standard retail accounts. If you choose to purchase a wireless or iPhone terminal, retail rates and instant approval would apply.

Other options may be available and be better suited for your business, which is why it is imperative to discuss your needs with a representative that is there to assist you. All offers are fully PCI compliant, and information is held to the highest security standards. Give us a call to see what our company can do for you!