Apple Pay

What Exactly is Apple Pay?

apple pay Apple PayApple Pay is designed to offer a secure, convenient way to pay at merchant locations that are set up to accept these payments. Most major credit and debit cards are able to be used with Apple Pay. Apple Pay can be used on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. Sensitive card information is masked for enhanced security. For each transaction, a temporary code is generated so the actual card number is never sent. In addition, the fingerprint sensor makes the process even more secure.

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  • The Apple Pay in-person method is available to any merchant using our NFC-enabled Perkwave Terminal. Customers easily tap their device near the contactless reader to pay for their purchase.
  • The Apple Pay pay-at-the-table method is available to merchants using our POS system. With the mobile app developed by Harbortouch, Perkwave, customers can pay their bills right from their mobile devices. Since the app is connected to your POS system, the transaction goes as smoothly as any other payment method, in less time. Loyalty programs are also available. For more information, visit
  • To learn more about Apple Pay and it’s benefits for your customers, visit the Apple Pay website.

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